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An image for bug fixes, featured for WordPress 6.0.1

WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Release is Here — Bug Fixes in Core and Block Editor!

The next installment of WordPress 6.0 is here. WordPress 6.0.1 is a short-maintenance release that comes with 13 bug fixes in Core and 18 bug fixes in the block editor. What you get now is an enhanced and improved version that takes the overall experience to the next level.

These maintenance cycles are important […]

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A 3-d image of WordPress 6.0 dashboard

WordPress 6.0 is here – Better editing experience, usability improvements, and much more!

The next big release of 2022 is here! Behold for WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”. Taking its name after the Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill. Arturo’s musical world spanned around different genres, like Afro Cuban jazz, with a major influence on contemporary Latin jazz, and much more. 

Arturo has released more than 15 […]

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Gutenberg 13 is finally here!

WordPress Gutenberg 13.0 is here with Partial Text Selection, Pattern-based page creation, and Cover blocks!

Gutenberg version 13 officially landed last week. Gutenberg has been receiving back-to-back updates and has gathered unwavering attention of the community. Especially after the full-site editing, and block editor revolution, there is no stopping the chants of WordPress.

Now, let’s delve further into the next Gutenberg update, the last one because another big update is […]

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The Evolution of WordPress Towards Block Editor: Introducing WordPress Block Themes! (2022 update)

I often wonder where WordPress stands currently and where it is heading. With the recent updates, we got several never-seen-before features and functionality. The WordPress block editor was a step apart from the traditional editor. WordPress Block Themes is a modern day theme with templates built using Gutenberg blocks. Unlock loads of functionality and complete […]

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WordPress – Gutenberg 12.9 is here

Here’s what’s new with Gutenberg 12.9 : Block Locking, Custom Dates, and more!

The advent of block themes and full-site editing has brought a revolution to WordPress. Gutenberg has been pushing for more flexibility in blocks with each release. Gutenberg 12.9 has just launched, and it is a hefty package. That means we’ll get a lot of added features, enhancing our usability and flexibility while using WordPress.

Gutenberg […]

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Self vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing between Self vs Managed WordPress hosting: Detailed Comparison and Insights

The first step before starting with WordPress and moving ahead to building your website is to choose between hosting providers. More importantly, deciding between managed and self-hosted WordPress. For the sake of simplicity, most users opt for managed WordPress hosting because it is readily available. Also, not to forget but word of mouth does travel […]

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Automattic’s Latest Plans to unveil Premium Themes, Plugins, and much more on’s Marketplace!

In the latest announcement by Donna Oliver, Managing Editor at Automattic shared the future plans for’s marketplace 🏪. is gearing towards providing a more seamless experience by offering instant purchases, more premium themes, and plugins.

Now, users can get access to purchasing services, themes, and plugins right from […]

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