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WordPress News Update – September Roundup

WordPress September Roundup (2022): WordPress 6.1 features and beta releases, Canonical Plugins, and more

Welcome! People of WordPress. Let’s take a look at all the exciting news and updates that took place in the month of September 2022.

Before we dive into September roundup, let’s take a quick recap of what happened in the August Roundup.  The announcement of WordPress 6.1 product walk-through, homepage design updates, Gutenberg […]

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Image Displaying Canonical Plugins – Featured

Canonical Plugins! What, Why, When, How, and Where. All You Need to Know!

Have you read the latest post of Matt Mullenweg? Yes, one of the founding developers of WordPress. Today, he came out with an interesting post, revisiting what was once coined ‘Canonical Plugins’.

Canonical Plugins are community-developed plugins developed by multiple developers, built to address the most popular and in-demand features and functionalities. These plugins would […]

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WordPress News Update – August Roundup

WordPress August Roundup (2022): WordPress 6.1 Walk-through, Gutenberg 13.9 & 14.0, WordPress 6.0.2, and more

Hello, People of WordPress, I have exciting news and updates for you in this August 2022 roundup!

The month of August in WordPress brought small tweaks to the homepage, two new versions of Gutenberg, WordPress 6.0.2 security and maintenance update release, and much more.

In the WordPress July roundup, we got 6.1 release cycle […]

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WordPress News Update – July Roundup

WordPress July Roundup (2022): 6.1 Dev Roadmap, Gutenberg 13.8, Homepage Redesign, and more

Let’s take a quick dive into what’s happening in and around the WordPress software in this July roundup. We are halfway through the year 2022, and we witnessed exciting updates and additions in the WordPress software, its interface, features, and much more.

WordPress saw major updates and overhauls throughout the year. July was a busy […]

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Image of WordPress Homepage and Download Page Revamp

Check out the revamped WordPress Homepage and Download page design – Crispier & Modern than ever!

The much awaited WordPress homepage and download page redesign is here. Revamping the website has been long in the talks. The WordPress team is consistently working to give you an unparalleled user experience. This experience is not just limited to the core software but also the way users interact with the WordPress website. Well, […]

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A 3-d image of WordPress 6.0 dashboard

WordPress 6.0 is here – Better editing experience, usability improvements, and much more!

The next big release of 2022 is here! Behold for WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”. Taking its name after the Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill. Arturo’s musical world spanned around different genres, like Afro Cuban jazz, with a major influence on contemporary Latin jazz, and much more. 

Arturo has released more than 15 […]

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Self vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing between Self vs Managed WordPress hosting: Detailed Comparison and Insights

The first step before starting with WordPress and moving ahead to building your website is to choose between hosting providers. More importantly, deciding between managed and self-hosted WordPress. For the sake of simplicity, most users opt for managed WordPress hosting because it is readily available. Also, not to forget but word of mouth does travel […]

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